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Photo graphics

Ruud van Empel

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Photomontages made between 1996-1997 by Ruud van Empel
Ruud van Empel has been engaged in creating photographic collages since the 1980s, initially for posters and television leaders and later primarily as autonomous work. His most recent series, Study in Green, originated in the period 2003-2004 and consists of 18 photographic works. They give an excellent indication of how well Van Empel has developed in the past twenty years and how he has become an expert in using the computer as an artistic medium. ‘Sketching, cutting and pasting’, which at the outset formed such a fundamental part of the generation of his pictures, is now exclusively done by digital means. In contrast to the traditional collage techniques, these digital means allow him to compile every composition, every detail and every colour – in his latest photographic series Van Empel proves to be a first-rate colourist – and to disguise all artistic interventions. As such, his working method tends toward painting, although the final results bear all the physical features of photography. The images find their mysterious, occasionally oppressive power here, in the force field that Van Empel consistently manages to create between perfection and imperfection, reality and illusion. In his most recent photographic work, he even appears to conjure up worlds in which illusionism is transformed into reality. They transfix the viewer’s attention in the areas that are presented en focus and allow it to meander along imagery whose function is to foster feelings of discomfort. Van Empel’s fairytale woods are less innocent that they would seem to be at first sight. They appeal to sentiments and instincts that we would perhaps prefer to keep hidden deep down in our own nature. Van Empel stimulates us to feel them by enticing us into his world, where he disarms us before confronting us with what lies concealed behind the apparently naïve beauty, and behind our own reflection. In doing so, he reveals truths that transcend every topicality.
Titel Photo graphics
Author Ruud van Empel
Signed No
Language Dutch, English
Dimensions (cm hxb) 24 x 17
Book condition New
Cover condition As new
Condition description Mint copy
Binding Softcover
Edition First edition
Pages 32
Publisher Stichting fonds voor de beeldende kunsten
Publishing date 1097
Publishing place Amsterdam
Number published 500
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