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Anton Corbijn / Tom Waits '77-'11 - Anton Corbijn

With his trademark growl, his incorporation of pre-rock styles such as blues, jazz, and vaudeville, and experimental tendencies verging on industrial music, Tom waits seems a perfect match for Anton Corbijn's grainy signature photographs. Their long-time collaboration has now yielded this book combining Corbijn's Tom Waits portraits of twenty-five years with Tom Waits lyrics from such legendary albums as Blue Valentine, Small Change, Heartattach and Vine, Swordfishtrombones, Rain Dogs, Bone Machine, Mule Variations, Alice, and Blood Money.


Ulay Portraits 1970-1993 - Ulay

Beautifully printed book with a small selection of photographs by Ulay. Design by Van Zoetendaal. Nineteen real size polaroids from the performance artist Ulay.


Stofgoud - Rineke Dijkstra / K. Schippers

Nice book with combined work of Rineke Dijkstra en Jacob Molenhuis. Dutch version


Arno Nollen - Jhim Lamoree / Karel Schampers / Arno Nollen

Arno Nollen wants to give a total picture of the girl – not in the sense that he wishes to assemble an encyclopedic overview of archetypes of all sorts which he would classify according to looks, profession or background. This kind of catagorical thinking is totally alien to him and is at odds with his intention of emphasing precisely the uniqueness of each girl. His photographs are much more a variegated mixture of impressions a collection of almost random atmospheric images that move between dream and reality, between playful nudity and seductive eroticism, between candid vulnerabillity and provocative self-assurance. (text Karel Schampers)


Tumbleweed - L.Blok / Niels Schumm

This precious publication is, after Tulipa, Gold Dust and Jehoshaphat’s Valley, the fourth issue in the Linde series published by Basalt in 1998. A beautiful mix of autochromes by Leendert Blok and early photographs by fashion photographer Niels Schumm.


Bertien Van Manen: East Wind West Wind - Bertien van Manen / Ian Buruma

Signed copy by Bertien van Manen Stiff illustrated wrappers enclosed in transparent jacket, pp. text in English and Chinese, throughout photographically illustrated in colour



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